Shipments and returns

Return conditions


We offer you a RETURN GUARANTEE OF UP TO 30 DAYS after receipt of your order, returning the amount subscribed after 14 days of receipt and validation of the material in accordance with the following points:
1. You may not return a product if it has already been used.
2. Items must be new, unused and have their original wrapping and/or seal at the time of return.
3. To return items, all material shall be sent to our customer care at SNAUWAERT srl Calle Legrenzi 3 30171 Mestre (Ve) Italy at the sender's expense to the address shown below. We will not accept materials received at the recipient's expense. The return of purchased items is a right governed by the regulations at the customer's disposal, whereby transport costs in the event of return shall be borne by the customer.
4. All returns must be approved in advance by sending an e-mail to and requesting a return label.
5. As soon as the items have been received, proven to be in as-new condition and without having been used, we shall proceed to refund the corresponding amount in accordance with the following points:
5.1. If you have paid the initial dispatch costs, we will return the entire order, including any gifts, in the event that we have received the return of the entire order, discounting the amount paid for the dispatch costs.
5.2. If you have not paid the initial dispatch costs, if you have received the return of the entire order, including any gifts, you will be refunded the amount paid, except EUR 9.95 for the dispatch costs.
5.3. In the case of having received a partial return of the order and following the same criteria as above, we will return the amount corresponding to the part of the order that has been received as a return in our installations, provided that the final result of the remaining order is not less than the quantity established at the time of placing the order in the Shipping and Returns section in order not to collect the shipping costs. (currently 99 euros).
5.4. In the event that the final amount of the order following a partial return is less than the aforementioned quantity of EUR 99, the part corresponding to the article or articles that were received as returns shall be refunded, minus the quantity of EUR 9.95 as initial dispatch costs not collected in the first dispatch.
5.5 In order to proceed with the return of your order, we will provide you with all instructions by e-mail in response to your e-mail sent to 
6. If the return has been accepted, the final amount will be paid or transferred to the account indicated to us within 14 days after receipt of the material, otherwise, an exchange will be made for another product requested by the customer, leaving the same request in writing and making the relevant compensations if the prices differ.
We remain at your disposal for any questions in this regard and thank you for your patience.
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